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818 Suning Smart Logistics Enlarges The Move! 5G Automated Warehouse Opens to The Media For The First Time
Date of issue:2020 / 08 / 12

Since the official issuance of 5G commercial licenses last year, Jiangsu's 5G industry has developed rapidly. On August 11, Suning’s 5G automated warehouse in Nanjing Yuhua Base was fully upgraded and opened to the media for the first time. It was revealed that Jiangsu Mobile, ZTE and other partners to jointly build the warehouse, and plan to implement the first 5G smart logistics innovation laboratory in Nanjing to accelerate 5G commercialization.


Suning 5G Automatic Warehouse


As an important force for the “new infrastructure”, 5G has three major characteristics: ultra-low latency, high-speed broadband, and massive access ability. Its unique network slicing and edge computing technologies will inevitably contribute to the informatization, intelligentization, networking and digitization of logistics industry.

Suning Logistics has experienced development from standardization, informatization, mechanization, automation, and informatization. It is currently in the process of developing the sixth-generation of smart logistics system driven by digitization. The use of 5G to integrate cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new communication technologies, will surely become the "ballast stone" of the new smart cloud warehouse.

Suning's new generation of automated warehouse has introduced vision navigation counterbalanced truck from VisionNav Robotics, which can connect with many "black technologies" such as AGV robots, robotic arms, and automatic packaging machines. Vision navigation uses industrial cameras as sensors, with VisionNav's deep vision perception and servo control technology, it can work in various complex scenarios. It can also realize the automated process of from receiving goods, putting on the shelf, storage, replenishment, picking, packaging, labeling, and final sorting, with picking efficiency of over 600 pieces/hour, which is 5 times more efficient than manual picking. It takes only at most 20 minutes to complete the whole process, from consumer's ordering to the product outbound delivery.

Suning Logistics has simultaneously conducted in-depth cooperation with Jiangsu Mobile and ZTE on 5G smart retail and 5G smart logistics solutions, and successively carried out actual testing and implementation of 5G technology in warehousing and end distribution.

During the 618 period this year, Suning's 5G automated warehouse was officially launched. Based on 5G ubiquitous intelligence, end-side-cloud network architecture, and decentralization of data transmission at the executive layer, the overall storage information system of Suning's 5G automated warehouse can operate efficiently and stably. . Under the real 5G network, with AI, IoT, artificial intelligence and other intelligent logistics technologies integrating with product, and the upgrades of 5G+AI storage security construction, AGV cloud scheduling and other equipment,we can promote the whole process operation in the warehouse, from good inbound storage, picking, inventory, sorting and shipping out, into fully digitized, visualized and intelligentized.


Ling Yunfei, Deputy Dean of Suning Logistics Research Institute, said on the site that “The commissioning of Suning’s 5G automated warehouse is the first time that 5G technology has truly landed in the field of logistics and warehousing. The application and exploration of IoT technology for smart logistics will bring a qualitative leap. Suning Logistics will also unite with more ecosystem partners to jointly explore more smart logistics application scenarios and bring consumers a better logistics experience.

Liu Jun, Vice General Manager of Nanjing Mobile, introduced on the site that the 5G network support provided by China Mobile has achieved full coverage in Suning’s super cloud warehouse, providing infrastructure for the implementation of multiple 5G technologies in the logistics park, and helping Suning Logistics to improve its operating efficiency and reduce costs.

It was learned at the site that Suning Logistics, Jiangsu Mobile and ZTE will also deeply integrate 5G communication technology and cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and AI visual voice technologies to create a highly intelligent, self-decisive and flexible solutions.

Three parties also plan to establish a 5G smart logistics joint innovation laboratory, to strengthen technological innovation, promote industrial integration, and work with multiple parties to build the laboratory into an open 5G senior technical talent training base for the province and even the country, and continue to provide 5G scale and commercialization Stronger technical support.


On August 10th, "5G Smart Logistics Innovation Demonstration White Paper" jointly launched by Suning Logistics, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Jiangsu Mobile, ZTE, GeekPlus, VisionNav Robotics Robots, Zhen Robot and other partners was also officially released. Exploration experience of Suning and its partners in smart logistics will openly share with the society, popularize 5G technology for the industry, and build standards for the intelligentization of the entire chain from parks, warehousing, transportation to end services, and provide a basis for decision-making for the intelligentization development of logistics infrastructure and supply chain services.

Since its establishment, VisionNav Robotics has realized automation deployment of rigid demand scenarios in more than 20 industries including automobile manufacturing, e-commerce, 3C, pharmaceuticals, retail, and aviation based on its understanding and precipitation of vision technology. With a large number of accumulated industry scene data, by completing large-scale replication of vision-based automated warehousing solutions, we can provide more companies with highly flexible, easy-to-use, and versatile automated accumulated solutions.