VNST20-A SLIM Pallet Stacker Forklift AGF

Vision based driverless, driverless mode in narrow aisles. Pallet flat AGV Slim has a navigation capacity of ± 10 mm each, and is equipped with a carrier system. The carrier system includes powerful cooperative operation, setting and 360 ° laser, which is suitable for various industry platforms. Visionnav slim has a rated load capacity of 22 tons. The series of products adopt the advanced visual accuracy of the industrial industry, and do not need to place any auxiliary equipment. It has the functions of auxiliary detection and rack detection, and has the functions of cloud computing and remote sensing Information function, and with obstacles - to avoid assured obstacles, including business, third-party logistics, pallet carrier AGV, specially designed maximum operating speed of 1.51.5 M/S, slam navigation technology, it technology facilities, vehicles, trucks, goods. 3C, manufacturing, food and drug, material transportation and one button manual automatic switching, Can achieve accurate positioning and advanced 3D visualization module, rack; central control multi vehicle system. Dual system security, our AGV has been widely used in cars and new energy.

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Product advantages
  • High accuracy

    Visual-SLAM-based technology, using advanced underlying algorithm and motion control, reaching ±5mm positioning accuracy, ±10mm navigation accuracy,and meeting most of the high precision operation requirements.

  • Small modification

    Neither need to place magnetic tapes or reflectors, nor change the carriers or existing infrastructure,only small site modification,which greatly shortens project period.

  • High efficiency

    Maximum speed of 1.3m/s, storage and retrieval, turning and connect the flows rapidly

  • Cost-effective

    We support retrofit the used forklifts, so as to optimize the owned property,at the same time our AGV and work 24/7 continuously to reduce operational costs;

  • High flexibility

    With mature visual positioning, controlling and perception technology, AGV is able to self-adapt to multi-functional human-machine collaborative complicated scenarios, dock with different types of automation equipment such as auto packing machines, automatic stackers, elevators, etc.,and integrate with existing WMS/ERP systems easily.

  • Safety Guarantee

    Strictly complied with international safety design standards with dual-system control,and 5 level safety protection.

Recommended Industry
  • E-commerce Logistics

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Bonded Warehouse

  • Retail

  • FMCG

  • 3C Manufacturing

  • Food

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Automobile Manufacturing

  • New Energy

Main Function
  • Multi-vehicle Dispatch

  • Equipment Docking

  • Horizontal Transpiration

  • Material Detection

  • Carrier Detection

  • Shelf Detection

  • Safety Obstacle Avoidance

  • Auto Charging